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How can I get my business listed for free with the Canadian Business Directories?

Please click here to have your business submitted for free.

How does the Canadian Business Directories gather their data?

Our data is drawn from our internal database and is cross referenced with 3 other industry standard databases twice per year. In addition, calls and post mail verification procedures are in place to ensure the data is complete and accurate.

How accurate is your data?

All Business Lists in the Canadian Business Directories, are industry standard of 93% or higher in accuracy. Businesses are changing and moving locations every day and it is virtually impossible to have 100% accuracy.

Do you collect and sell my personal information when I make a purchase?

No, we do not sell, rent, or give out any of your personal information. Our customer database has thousands of contacts and is fully encrypted with 128 bit security.

What are your Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy?

Please click here for our Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy.

What kind of people purchase the Canadian Business Directories?

The list is pretty vast, but small to medium sized companies are usually the ones who purchase the business lists. Anyone looking generate more sales, or any small business that has specific prospecting needs are great candidates for the Canadian Business Directories.

What Kind of Customer service/support is provided after I purchase a business directory?

The CBD Team understands that the once a purchase is made, it is only the beginning of the relationship. We understand the value of repeat business and are here to help you FREE of charge anytime during office business hours.

How are the Business Directories Delivered to me?

All business lists are delivered electronically. This is one of the main ways that we are able to keep our costs so low.

In what Formats do the Canadian Business Directories come?

The Canadian Business Directories come in Industry standard Excel CSV Format. We can also provide the business lists in a print format for a nominal cost.

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